Welcome to my page!  Here's a lil' somethin- somethin about me.  

I'm an actor and I live in NYC, making me the 4th generation of my family to call this city home.  My favorite things are the skylines, the Highline, seeing in windows, hanging on stoops, all night delis, reading on trains, walking everywhere, and Fort Tilden beach.  When I'm not in rehearsal, onstage, or on set, I'm probably engaged with any of the above.  


I bounced from coast to coast as a kid and continue the habit as an adult.  I take as many trips to as many places as I can manage, adding new destinations every year.  

My favorite sports are down-hill skiing and crowd surfing.

My favorite food is leftovers.

I LOVE talking during movies.

I like making lists.


Current Projects

television:                             BULL on CBS EPISODE 215

Commercial:                          IBM

Theatre:                                 CAKE

                                                                                                by John Jr. Caswell

                                                                                                directed by Dustin Wills

                                                                                                featuring Constance Shulman

                                                                                                Page73 at Theater for the New City


Voice Over:                                                                     Click here to listen!

Print:                                                                                       Northrop Grumman  

Just Missed:                                                                            THE GOLDEN LOTUS

                                                                                               Broadway Asia

                                                                                               directed by Ed Sylvanus Iskandar

                                                                                               choreographer: Chase Brock

                                                                                               musical director: David Dabbon



Production PHOTOS




Commercial Reel

Comedic Commercial Reel

Legit Demo

Comedy Clip

Sesame Street


Rom Com Clip

Dramatic Clip




"Ms. Nahodil nicely captures the maddening frustration of sharing a life with someone who is suddenly AWOL even when he’s in the room."

Laura Collins-Hughes, The New York Times

“Standing out among these are Alesandra Nahodil who won the audience as a sympathetic Eve then stole the show as a badass Herod”

Theatre is Easy, Joseph Samuel Wright

“One powerful woman”

Times Square Chronicles Suzanna Bowling

“Throughout the sketches were a few standouts: Alesandra Nahodil, for terrific comic moments”, Ed Malin

“Alesandra Nahodil’s Liz took the role of prime opposition [...] Nahodil was a strong fighter.”

Michael Bradley Block, Theater in the Now